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Sell BTC The meaning of btc is bitcoin, it is also known as crypto currency. Bitcoin can simply be defined as a form of electronic currency. It can only be used in the internet business or online environment. Even though the bitcoin is not something you can feel or touch like real coin or money, it can be converted into real money whenever you want. The first step in selling bitcoin is to acquire it. If you do not acquire, you cannot convert. In order to acquire you use your money and buy. Buying is something that needs strategy to engage in. Every good speculator in any security business always knows when to buy and when to sell. How to buy can be during the time of currency deflation or you can call it surplus flow of money in the security market. Then the next step is patience. You have to wait until there is an inflation or excessive increase in the value of legal tenders. One of the costs of this could actually be as a result of instability and economic short falls. At this point the value of a coin at its initial purchased could be worth 40%, but through the space of time will increase to 60,70,80-90%. This is out rightly where the income flows from. At this stage a good business man would always know that it is time to sell. 19659


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